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Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution team has many years of experience and is able to provide you with clear and prompt advice, providing the expertise and resource to bring a commercial and cost effective resolution to the dispute in which you find yourself.

Contract Disputes

Whatever contract you may sign, be it in relation to property, a commercial deal or involving a business relationship you expect the terms to be honoured.  When the terms aren't honoured we will be able to advise you on the effective route to resolve the breach that has taken place.

Contentious Probate

If there is a dispute involving an inheritance or the validity of the Will, a sensitive approach is often required to a very difficult set of circumstances.  Our team have a wide experience to enable you to effectively resolve the delicate issues that arise.


Whether you are involved in a claim relating to defective workmanship or services provided or payment or non payment then we can assist.  Whether court proceedings, adjudication or arbitration is concerned we can provide you with the right advice.

Debt Recovery

Whether you are owed money or a claim as been made against you, we can assist you in your claim or defence.  We offer a variety of funding options applicable to all levels of debt.  Call us for a free no obligation discussion.


We provide advice in relation to all aspects of insolvency related legal matters be it corporate or personal.  We have experience in company insolvency and personal bankruptcy.  We not only act for individuals and corporate clients but also insolvency practitioners acting as trustees and liquidators.

Professional Negligence

Professional negligence occurs where a professional fails to provide its services to the required standard.  Claims are often brought against solicitors, surveyors, financial advisors, architects, accountants and professional trustees.  We can advise you on all aspects relating to such claims.

Very friendly, approachable and helpful staff. The transactions were clear, straightforward and easily understood. The whole process has been less stressful with the fabulous knowledge from the staff. Thank you all very much.


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Fodens Solicitors provide a consistently high quality of service coupled with a real emphasis on client care. All work is carried out by fully qualified staff who are readily available to deal with any queries as they arise.

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